Zahed Sultan

Zahed Sultan
Zahed Sultan is an award-winning, Kuwaiti-Indian multimedia artist and entrepreneur.


His work seeks to further the idea of community through social impact programs and collaborative arts & culture projects. Zahed has received particular attention for his audio-visual-dance performances which have been presented internationally.


Hiwar; Reimagining the Music of Oman

This film captures the development and performance by Zahed Sultan as he reimagines the land, mountain, and sea music of Oman. The film was developed out of Zahed’s fascination with traditional sea music from the Arabian Gulf – music that conveyed a strong connection to time and space and was characterized by themes of belongingness and togetherness as well as separation and loss.

‘Hiwar’ (Arabic for dialogue) was a project first brought to life in 2016, where Zahed explored the above-mentioned themes during an artist residency in Sharjah (UAE) alongside a traditional folk band and contemporary musicians. In 2017, Zahed engaged in depth with the culture and customs of Oman, specific to their locale in the Gulf. He discovered their rich heritage and links to Africa, Persia and India, and their vision for modernity under the guidance of Sultan Qaboos.

For his performance in Muscat (Oman), Zahed invited a team of international creatives to join him in developing the special commission of ‘Hiwar’ in congruence with a local folk band, a choir, a strings section, and dancers. The 40-person, 75-minute feature performance used technology, sound, movement, and light, to present a dynamic story about Oman’s importance as a gateway to and from the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.